Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jeep Safari

This Jeep Safari is a great way for the adventurous traveler to explore the South of Turkey with all its natural beauty, ancient history and fun! With door to door service from the hotel and a lunch of authentic Turkish food there is no better way to check out the mountains above the turquoise coast. First stop Tlos. This site is interesting because of the presence of the Ottoman fortress of ‘Bloody Ali’ a local brigand in addition to the Lycian and Roman remains. The Lycian structures are augmented by Byzantine buildings including the obvious remnants of a large church with fascinating mosaics. A short hike to the top of the hill gives one a great view. Then jump back into the jeep and ride down to visit Yakaköy. Yakaköy is a trout farm that is little corner of heaven created by man with water gardens. Then lunch of Turkish cuisine before a walk into spectacular Saklikent Gorge, the longest and deepest in Turkey. High in the mountains above Fethiye the rushing icy cold water cut a narrow gorge through the mountains over thousands of years, creating Saklikent Gorge. A natural wonder, the resulting canyon is 300 metres deep and 18 kilometers long and offers visitors one of the most breathtaking excursions in all of Turkey. Saklikent in Turkish means "Hidden City".. The walls are so high that they cut out most of the sunlight and the fresh spring waters that flow through are freezing cold! A cool refuge on hot summer days. Then have a drink at one of the rustic restaurants overhanging the river, or take part in the rafting of the cold water. This takes about 30-35 minutes with a professional guide and equipment. Then have a little fun and get a little dirty in the Mud Bath. Always fun with small mud fights from time to time. Then a stop on the way back to the hotel where you can go for a swim or get cold drink and refresh yourself at Patara beach. With its sand stretching for miles, mountains along its length and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, this is a wonderful way to end the day. The Beach is also a national park and home to many birds, as well as the breeding ground for the endangered Loggerhead turtle. The beach was once the celebrated harbour of Patara, it now has a very relaxing area where one can have a meal or a drink in the beach bar and swing away in a hammock or relax on their comfy cushions. Last the Jeeps take the tired but happy people back to the hotel. This is a day one will not soon forget.

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